Sweeping Sounds

Sensory Healing by Rj

Like many, I discovered my passion for healing as a result of personal experience. During a time of difficult changes in my life, back in the 1970s, I was taken to a spiritual healer. The gentleness of the vibrations and the effects of the energy balance enabled me to let go of issues and come into a very positive place. From here I was eager to investigate the holistic world. I trained for two years as a spiritual healer and formed my own practice. I worked with a variety of diseases, visited hospitals and helped cancer patients, and as word spread I was invited to America, where hospice workers in Washington DC were amazed by the difference that healing sessions could make.

Returning to the UK I explored energy based therapies further and became a Reiki Master. I also studied anatomy, physiology, massage and reflexology to further my understanding of the body’s inner workings. I offered energy therapies at my home, in health and sports clubs, as well as eating disorder, chiropractic and hypnotherapy clinics. I even found useful ways to offer my healing service in an office environment. I assessed how people sat, the way their desk was set out and who they chatted to, and then provided massages and rearranged their working spaces accordingly. My love of helping people also guided me to specialise in infertility through reflexology, which brought the joy of pregnancy. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that I discovered the healing quality of sound.

I walked into a shop that sold gongs and singing bowls. As I browsed the different instruments, somebody played a gong and it was the most powerful transformation I’ve ever experienced. I felt the vibration resonate throughout my body and raise my energy. I floated out of the shop that day and remained in a high vibrational state for some time. I returned to buy my own gong, and sound vibration immediately became a very important element in my healing work. I bought my own collection of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and signed up for courses to learn how to play them. The real lesson was discovering that playing comes from the heart and is more a natural ability than a skill which can be studied. I created sound workshops and from there began to include more playful and creative elements into my work.

I opened a retreat in England’s beautiful New Forest area, where people could walk, ride horses and experience healing treatments. I set up Change Workshops for people who were stuck and too scared to step out of their comfort zone. I brought sound, storytelling, dance and artwork together to create a fun environment in which people could explore and let go.

The next shift in my life occurred when a loved one passed away, which created deep sadness but also a new freedom. The loss created a natural gap and I felt the need to reassess. I’d been running Change Workshops for some time, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t allowed change into my own life for quite a while. So at 59 years young in 2009 I set out on a six month world tour to pursue my passion for volunteer work – a trip which transformed into a brand new life in Thailand.

From humbling experiences at an elephant sanctuary and orphanage in Sri Lanka, to the smiles and soft culture of Thailand, I worked for a charity helping poor farming communities in Cambodia. Working for such good causes filled me with joy, and after travelling from the west to east coasts of Australia I felt drawn back to Asia. I found myself in the northern Thai city Chiang Mai, and instantly knew that it was a special place. I moved on again to enjoy eight months of yoga, dance and meditation in Bali, until the charms of Chiang Mai called me back. I befriended likeminded healers who were running a small wellness centre, and soon settled into the laid back lifestyle. I began offering my healing sound and energy therapies to people living and travelling in Chiang Mai. I was soon invited to become one of the directors of the wellness centre, and now feel privileged to call northern Thailand my special second home.”

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