Sweeping Sounds

Sensory Healing by Rj

"Thank you to a very special and gifted person, who with the gentle therapies of Bodywork and Emo-trance has helped me to shift old patterns of behaviour and find a greater freedom to enjoy my life. I recommend Rj to anyone who would like to face their demons with the aid of a skilled and sensitive therapist."
Liz Pritcher, Master NLP Consultant, Hampshire UK

"I have experienced the most amazing healing which has enabled me to let go of issues that have been influencing me for over 50 years. Rj is not only a sensitive person, but someone you know you can totally trust your inner most fears confidentially that they can be removed safely. I am now looking forward to my future and will be referring others to Rj."
Roxanne Chavasse, Senior Buyer Harrods, London UK

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