Sweeping Sounds

Sensory Healing by Rj

Healing Modalities

Working with great sensitivity, Rj scans and feels the energetic frequency of a space, room or building.

When sound moves through balanced energy, it passes smoothly and gently, which Rj recognises by a clean, fresh and sweet scent filling the air. As sound reaches a blockage, he senses this as a dense and stagnant aroma that needs to be released.

When playing the singing bowls, the sound emanates a swirling, wind-like movement that effortlessly dislodges, lifts and sweeps away unwanted energy. Gently cradled within the flowing motion of the sound, the energy blockage dissolves like a healing breath that is being released, leaving only profound stillness and tranquillity.

When a home or other environment is left with this natural vibrational space, there is a feeling of beautiful harmony.

Rj may also recommend that certain objects be removed or replaced to facilitate the flow of balanced energy, allowing you to feel more comfortable, safe and at peace.

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