Sweeping Sounds

Sensory Healing by Rj

Healing Modalities
Duration: 1 hour

Every living being including the human body has a natural frequency, which when happy and healthy ranges from 62 to 78 MHz. However, when fatigue, stress and trauma sets in our vibration starts to reduce and when the frequency drops below 58 MHz the immune system is compromised making the body very susceptible to illness and disease.

Private session with Rj are conducted whilst lying down supported and comfortable on the floor, surround by his special set of Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls, placed in close proximity allowing you to not only hear the sounds but to feel them resonate deeply throughout he body. Rj also places them on particular parts of the body whilst playing them, allowing the direct contact to deepen the vibrational healing effect, followed by the tradition Chinese gong to release any deep emotional trauma stuck in the cellular structure.

At the end of the session, Rj conducts a grounding meditation so that the client feels centred before leaving for their journey home.

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